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No stranger to the Brighton gig circuit, our favourite indie rockers are back in style with a show at the Brighton Centre. XYZ MAGAZINE‘s Kaye Li caught up with guitarist Jamie MacColl during their Australian tour, to find out what’s happening on stage and off …

Nearly as many explorative delves into new sound as you have albums, and each time to acclaim. To what do you attribute the success of your journey through each stage of the quite different musical styles you’ve laid down on each release? Experience? Instrumental prowess? Label input?
I think it’s our willingness to try new things and an interest in a wide variety of music. Personally I believe the main reason we’ve been able to release three albums in three years is that with each it felt like we were starting afresh and doing something exciting – at no point did it feel like work nor were we stuck for ideas. We’re going through that journey that a lot of 22 year olds embark on when we’re trying to figure out what we want to do, and for us that manifests itself in our music.

You’ve been productive in the studio & you get about on tour to share it all live. Do’s and Do not’s for success when writing on tour?
Don’t write about being on tour! We’ve always emphasised that it’s important to have a life outside of the band so that we have a source of inspiration for writing songs that aren’t just about life on the road. When you get to your third or fourth album that seems to be the pitfall that a lot of bands fall into – you lose the magic that you had on your first album.

And the show this month?
You’ll just have to wait and see. In terms of the production we’ll really be stepping it up so hopefully it‘ll be more of a ‘show’.

You’re playing Reading & Leeds -  what do you look forward to most about these whopping great shows?
Hopefully these shows will be the defining point of life as a band up to this point. I think the thing every band looks forward to most at Reading and Leeds is the crowd, they’re always very up for it and ready to have a really good time!

The organiser Melvyn Benn just tipped you as headliners for a future festival! Wow. How would you plan for that show?!
Probably by shitting our pants repeatedly. To be honest we feel lucky to have reached the point we’re at now. We’ll take it a step at a time!

Any memorable stage entrances/exits?
A gig 5 years ago when still at school, I had a rugby match and had to run from the match to the gig in my full kit and then do the gig covered in mud! Most memorable exit was on stage at Reading last year, the gig felt like a turning point in the life of the band.

How do you wind down after a show? Any rituals or routines in the band?
No, but I like to get naked …

You sold out the Ally Pally! 10k fans bagging tickets for your show! How did that feel when you found out?
I grew up down the road from it, I can see it from my house so it feels like a homecoming for me. I grew up going to see bands like Arcade Fire, Sigur Ros and the Streets there and to know that we’re in that company is very satisfying.

What were you doing an hour ago?
Sitting in my pants in my hotel room.

And tonight?
Supporting Elbow at their Brisbane show!

Playing April 16th Brighton Centre
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