Friday Night Love Poem


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Location: The Warren
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“So if Matt and I have officially had sex then why does it still hurt? I still don’t get what’s so amazing about it, how can women even come from it – when is that supposed to happen?”

Friday Night Love Poem, written by Natalia Knowlton, tells a trio of poignant coming of age stories about virginity, pleasure, and identity as three young women discover sexual empowerment for the first time. This brand new play looks at the challenges girls face when they begin exploring their sexuality in a world fuelled by stigma, bad sex education, and internet porn.

Kate is discovering what it really means to be a wife in her close-knit Christian community; Mia is beginning to push boundaries at school – pleasing boys as an easy route to popularity; and Cecilia is caught in the throes of her first love, battling the question “Am I ready yet?” These three young women explore their sexuality for the first time in a society that stigmatises female pleasure.

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Event Capacity: 60

Dress Code: N/A

Age Limits: 15+

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