Jesus Christ. Who the Hell was He? Comedy Gig


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Location: The Caxton Arms
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Jesus Christ. Who the hell was he?

Son of God. Miracle worker. Crucifiction survivor.

Jesus, or Yeshua to earthly mum and dad, rolls up into towns and soon to be cities with an entourage of at least 12 in tow, including the love of his life Mary Magdalene.

Arriving on buggies, carts and donkeys with money to feed and clothe the holy 13. Soon to be JC had a way of attracting investors, most of them ladies; keeping him and his mates in the equivalent of 4BC domestic cave bliss. The original pin up kept himself busy, toasting with romans and running towards fights. You might be aware he had a talent for making restaurant reservations for twice the people coming to dinner, but did you know he was also good at tipping tables and throwing a mean right hook at anyone who talked shit about his woman?

What about the years in between Bethlehem and the family retirement home in the South of France? Or the son of God surviving puberty? Or finally going on that first date with the girl of your dreams, showing off by turning water into wine at ONE wedding, making every future invite loaded with expectation. If that wasn’t enough to deal with, how do you manage every woman you love being named Mary! Granny, mum, lover. Weird.

How do you get on with your life when you’re supposed to be from heaven, all the time knowing your life depends on you getting into hell and back?

Soon to be Inter-Faith Reverend Gail Love-Schock takes us on a journey like no other to discover who the fuck Jesus really was and why we have to thank him for loving women so much.



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Event Capacity: 60

Dress Code: Casual

Age Limits: 16+

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