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Location: The Brunswick
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From emigrant railway worker to Spotify indie phenomenon, Italian singer-songwriter Alessandro Panzeri, aka Old Fashioned Lover Boy – with no reference to the Queen song – released his second album, Our Life Will Be Made Of Simple Things in January 2017. Originally out only in Italy, it soon started echoing outside of the peninsula, following the beautiful single Oh My Love.

A tender and soulful ballad made of environmental samples, electronic beats, dreamy voices and folk guitars – reminiscent of the early Bon Iver – the single Oh My Love was selected and play-listed on Spotify Fresh Finds, getting an unexpected amount of plays and exposure across the UK and US. The beautiful animated video was directed by Studio Ianus. Largely influenced by Impressionist painter Frernand Légar, it depicts the bitter-sweet developments of a love story, from its beginnings to its end.

With such an alias that perfectly embodies the romanticism and elegant delicacy of his sound – spanning from traditional Folk to Jazz, electronic Pop and lo-fi – Old Fashioned Lover Boy is Neapolitan by birth, but much closer to America and Britain than many of his fellow Italian musicians. After a few years spent in the small but prolific Post-Rock scene of Naples, unexpected events pushed him to put music aside and pick up a job on the Italian railways. Eventually he decided to pack up his instruments and emigrate to Milano, seeking for a new job and to get back to his music. This was the start of his new project, which was soon noticed by the Independent Label Sangue Disken, during his performance at an event of music and cuisine. They released his first LP, The Iceberg Theory, in 2014 and they are now partnering with a bigger indie label, Ghost Records, for Our Life Will Be Made Of Simple Things.

While art and music often glorify the never-ending chase of something great and unattainable, the new record of OFLB is a celebration of the small things in life. In the words of the artist: “It is my personal tale dedicated to the beauty of simple things. It represents the end of the obstinate pursuit of happiness through an endless escape. It is about the great self-fulfilment that comes from putting down your roots, settling down and taking pleasure in small achievements, like the love and affection of a partner, your family and lifetime friends, the great journey to return to your spiritual home and it celebrates the beautiful melancholy of life”.

Listen: https://youtu.be/jumZLbQRWBo
FB: https://www.facebook.com/OldFashionedLoverBoy
Web: www.oflboldfashionedloverboy.tumblr.com

+ support from:

Act of Love are inspired by experimentation, emotion and energy but above all great tunes led by Simon’s unique, soaring vocals. Influenced by everyone and no one from Bowie to the Beatles, via Kraftwerk, Gram Parsons, Tim and Jeff Buckley, Prince and sweaty, banging Electronica – music of love, loss, the urge to cry and the need to dance.
Listen: https://vimeo.com/78082023
FB: http://www.facebook.com/aolpage

Amelia is a singer-songwriter studying at BIMM and cites Joe Brooks, Jason Mraz and Carole King amongst her influences.
Listen: https://youtu.be/RJ42vEJuzW8
Web: http://www.ameliabarnard.com/
FB: https://www.facebook.com/ameliabarnardmusic/

Doors 8pm – 11pm
Contact: venue@brunswickpub.co.uk



Dress Code: None

Age Limits: 18+

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