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Seeking something out of the ordinary for your work Christmas party? Fancy doing something different for that stag or hen do that you are planning? Maybe you just want to have a great day out with your mates?…

Then look no further! Bewilder Box is an exciting and immersive group activity that everyone in Brighton should try. Imagine if the Crystal Maze met Secret Cinema and you are part of the way towards understanding the wonders within this escape room.

Don’t forget to use the code ‘XYZSPOOKY’ when booking for 20% discount! 

We spoke to the geniuses behind Bewilder Box to find out more about what you can expect…

What is an escape room?

An escape room is a bit like the Crystal Maze. It’s basically a team based activity in which you and your mates have to solve real puzzles and complete challenges within an allotted time period. It’s good for friends, families, team building, stag and hens, that kind of thing. There’s over 800 of them in the UK now, so if you haven’t tried one, you probably should!

What sort of experience can our readers expect to have at Bewilder Box?

Bewilder Box provides a bit of a twist on the traditional escape room format in that we combine it with immersive theatre. So not only are you solving puzzles, you’ll also be interacting with characters, walking around a science fiction set and taking part in an interactive storyline featuring Hugo Myatt, aka Tregard of legendary 80’s TV gameshow, Knightmare.

Can you give away anything about the game’s storyline?

The Bewilder Box assessment (which as new recruits, you will be taking) is the ultimate test of brain power, cooperation, leadership, logic and strategy. The Bewilder Box Assessment was created by a brilliant and enigmatic man; Dr Benjamin Wilder Snr in hope of finding the best candidates to rebuild the world in case of a total global catastrophe.

The Doctor, however mysteriously vanished mere weeks after its inception. The Bewilder Box has now reopened – do you think you have what it takes to succeed? Can you discover what happened to Dr Wilder? You have 60 minutes to find out.

What kind of characters dwell inside Bewilder Box?

Well first of all you’ll be collected by one of several employees of the Bewilder Box Initiative – you might meet Dr Ridley the mad scientist or Barry the cockney Quantum-mechanic. We also have the eccentric father-son duo Dr Wilder Jnr & Snr, and our personal favourite D.A.V.E. the dim-witted but ultimately quite lovely super-computer who provides players with hints throughout the game.

What sort of challenges can we expect to face once inside?

Each of the puzzles you encounter will be entirely different. Some will require you to use your brain, others your eyes, your ears and even your nose to succeed. Each time you solve a puzzle you’ll receive a clue, code or item that will help you progress through the room. It’s all very tactile, we’ve built every puzzle from scratch.

What’s the fastest that anyone has completed the challenge?

The current record is 33:54 by a team of 4 recruits who actually came from another Escape Room (Escapement in Margate). That is exceptionally fast though, most people get out with just a few moments to spare.

What has inspired the design and overall themes inside Bewilder Box?

We are both huge fans of video-games and sci-fi (with a particular love of 80’s films and shows), so you will see a lot of influence from these areas. There’s also loads of cheeky little movie Easter eggs littered throughout the game which some of the more keen eyed recruits might be able to spot.

We were very luck to get Hugo Myatt from Knightmare for this game, and Norman Lovett (Holly from Red Dwarf) for our new game which is opening in January 2018. Both of those shows were massive when we were kids and were also a big influence.

What can we do to prepare ourselves?

We always give teams a few helpful tips prior to the game – prepare to search thoroughly, make sure you write down anything you feel will be important and above all communicate with each other! Oh and don’t get too drunk. A glass or two of brain lubrication can do wonders….but too much will definitely hinder you.

Any words of wisdom to give to those who are assembling a team right now?

There is a little bit of everything at Bewilder Box, so you don’t have to worry if you think one person might not have the skills – there is something for everyone!

Finally, sum up Bewilder Box in 3 words for us.

Exciting. Immersive. Mysterious

SPECIAL OFFER: Don’t forget to use the code ‘XYZSPOOKY’ when booking for 20% discount! 

Where: 31 York Place, Brighton, BN1 4GU (Above the Hobgoblin Pub)
Prices: £110 for normal slots / £80 for off-peak.
How to book: Visit the booking page for options

For more information visit the Bewilder Box website and Facebook page.


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