Market Restaurant, Hove


The chefs at the Market, one of Hove’s newest eateries, impressed much with their classy selection of light bites and drinks during our recent visit, proving themselves worthy of the considerable hype surrounding them.

With a small plates menu that encompasses six main areas from the greengrocer, baker, fishmonger, butcher, cheesemonger and mini-market, this is the place to come when you’re in the mood for either a quick bite for lunch or an evening meal with friends.

The scallops with wild boar bacon and honeyed parsnip is to die-for, as are the beer braised ribs and deliciously fresh oysters with bloody Mary bisque shot.

Take into account a drinks menu that encompasses an impressive wine/cocktail list (one of the best espresso Martini’s we’ve ever had!), bottled beers and a nice liquor selection and you have one of the most impressive new gems in Hove!

Do yourselves a favour and get down there today.




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