XYZ Brighton’s Food Review Form

Inclusion within an editorial feature can be a priceless recommendation!

Apply here for your venue or product to be featured within the ‘XYZ Food & Drink Guide’

We can’t promise to feature all applicants, however the more you’re able to equip us to review, and the more we can tell our readers, the more likely we are to choose your venue.

Looking forward to hearing about your new venue, or new menu, new management, new look or other news!!

The Process

It’s important for our readers that we turn up like any customer would and conduct a fair review.

The reviewers, we always send two for two opinions so it’s fair; will book and attend equipped with a digital or printed copy of this form on the day and supply it when they reveal themselves at the end of the meal.

In reference to the date & time of review, please supply preferences and we will always do our very best to meet them. If there’s a time strictly not to attend for review, please include the details.

Please supply a suitable budget in order that our reviewers are able to gain a true understanding of your offering. We will confirm the details of this form with you upon receipt.

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Food Review Request Form

  • We care about your business, we don't want to turn up and take a seat at your busiest time. In this section give us an idea of most and least convenient times. Also the times in between which you wish to request for a review feature to be published.

  • Please supply adequate budget for your food and a drink per person (2).

    If you wish for wine to be included, please supply adequate budget for a glass of wine each.
  •   Yes please