Girl Band “Holding Hands With Jamie” Review


Judging from their previous EPs, this Dublin noise-rock quartet’s debut album was never going make for an easy listen. That is to say, it seems Girl Band’s primary objective with their music is to make the listener feel as overwhelmingly uncomfortable as possibleā€¦in a good way!

The record unfolds as though listening to the inner turmoil and transcendent angst of a tortured soul, with visceral bursts of swirling guitar, crushingly oppressive drums and hypnotically pulsating bass underpinning frontman Dara Kiely’s enigmatic yet deeply disturbing vocal ramblings.

Check out the video for “Pears For Lunch” for just a taste of what to expect.



The resounding verdict is that this debut album is an utterly brilliant work of art from start to finish.

You are thoroughly urged to purchase a copy for your own listening pleasure/horror.

8/10 – Out now

Words by Jimmy Volts



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