AK/DK, Green Door Store, Tuesday October 24, 7pm

Armed with a new album “Patterns/Harmonics” (out 20/10)  the duo take us deeper into their ever-changing, kaleidoscopic world of wild, synth-heavy electronics and distorted drums. On the stage, predictability is out the window in for favour for largely improvised layers of fizzing arpeggios and crushing motorik drums played with the most intense energy. Alongside their relentless disco-punk anthems and John Carpenter-esque moments, a more developed sound has been bought to the table on album number two.

Don’t miss this event because: If you are a fan of Battles or Errors (or just want to see something really cool) then this is one for you!

Venue: Green Door Store
Tuesday October 24
Time: 7pm
Price: 7 + bf
Age Limits: 18+

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