ACT NAME: Earth Moves

GENRE: Screamo, Post-Rock, Metal

HOME TOWN: Brighton

MUSICAL FAMILY TREE: Cult Of Luna, Deafheaven, Mono

WHY CARE:  Their recent debut album “The Truth In Our Bodies” is a harrowing blend of shoegaze-inspired hardcore and post-rock that flows effortlessly between moments of unbearable tension and delicate serenity. All of their songs are deeply personal and moving, with recurring themes of grief and loss perfectly captured by vocalist Jordan Hill’s passionate and heart-wrenching vocal performance. For such a new band, Earth Moves have quickly matured to create a sound that is rich with diverse influences and hard hitting in all of the right places. See them play Pulling Teeth Fest at The Green Door Store on August 12th.

KILLER TRACK: “There Was An Apple Orchard Here”





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